Thursday, July 31, 2014

Powerful (Free) jQuery Free Flipping Book Publisher to Enrich Your Publications

PUB HTML5 Free Flipping Book Publisher is developed for conversion of PDF files to flipping books. It is upgraded to add a new feature recently. The software can generate audio narration now, and also a virtual assistant will help to speak the audio file in the right bottom corner of the book. This great feature makes the PUB HTML5 Flipping Book helpful for meeting, language learning, kids’ book and blind study. The text-to-speech engine, the one built in or an external on downloaded separately, can be used to play synchronized audio based on the written text. In the left panel, users can transform to “Assistant” tab and record and manage the audio files with ease.

The digital publishing company intends to constantly update the example page so customers will always be able to find a relevant and new example that can come close to what they are intending to create for their own book or e-magazine. These dynamic Flipping Book give readers the virtual experience of turning the page in a book or magazine just as if it was in their hands. While one might not think this kind of experience matters, users have said that it does matter and that they feel a book or magazine that was created using flip-page technology just seems more real to them. This small but significant enhancement of the reading experience can mean the difference between a sale and a non-sale and of making a real impact with a reader.

Other benefits to using the company’s online server include the easy management of e-books, which can be deleted, hidden, or shared with others. Flipbooks can also be shown in Bookcase automatically after they are uploaded; online book stores are especially accommodated by this function, as it now takes little time to publish an e-book online. Also, the Upload Online Server eliminates the requirement someone has to have a website to publish their work online. Users don’t have to have websites and are provided with space to store their e-books online.

The newest version of this software for Windows users also has a variety of other powerful flipbook settings including titles, logos, password enabling, search functions, language switches, and background images. The inclusion of these
 hi-tech features makes the finished products from PUB HTML5 even more professional than before.

The Most Greatest and Fabulous Free FlipBook Creator tools by PUB HTML5

Free FlipBook Creator tools by PUB HTML5 lets users convert PDF, Microsoft Office, OpenOffice, and images into realistic, page flipping e-books. The software, including 3D PageFlip Professional, now allows users to convert an unlimited number of files. In addition to being cost efficient, a single purchase includes lifetime upgrades and the ability to convert as many files into flipbooks as desired.

Both programs allow users to publish their flipping books to websites or social media, email them to customers, or copy them to CD. Integration with Google Analytics allows creators to track the performance of their e-books, brochures, catalogs, and more online, via graphs, to track their advertising and web traffic. Each software product has settings for password permissions, flipbook language, and copyright such as watermarks and images.

PUB HTML5 Software provides book publishers or self publishers an affordable and easy way to meet their publishing needs. Since users can download and install the software on a PC, interested individuals can make as many publications as they want and manage everything including the entire hosting and production of their publications. The software allows users to import OpenOffice, MS Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents, Adobe Acrobat PDFs, bitmaps, diagrams and a lot more. These can be formatted into a page-flipping publication that is platform independent. Its free online service also allows users to share their publications immediately, right from the software’s menu. The software makes it easy for everyone to make 3D lifelike flash flipping books without requiring them to have excellent programming skills. With two simple steps of importing images/FLV/PDF, customizing themes and publishing, users can make HTML5 or Flash-based flip books with its user friendly interface.

The new version of the software has been designed to enhance and improve the company’s dynamic HTML5 FlipBook Creator products. This new software upgrade has been carefully designed to be user-friendly and to give real-time support for the dynamic FlipBook Creator products. The new upgrade includes all the features mentioned above, as well as an online support ticket system. The new support system allows users to send comprehensive information about the problem they might be having, so they can get a quick response and fix their issue.

The Most Fantastic Interactive Online Magazine Publishing Software to IPad

Online Magazine Publishing Software has gained popularity in the literary genres and scientific journal community. In traditional publishing, when articles are submitted for publication, it may take several months and even years for the articles to be included in a journal. Since the usual publishing cycle takes a longer period of time than digital Magazinepublishing, people have looked for alternative means to bring their publication to the public faster. This is where’s Interactive Online Magazine Publishing Software can help everyone. Individuals can publish their publications online and share it with other people through social website, email and even give it out on CD-ROM without paying any royalties.

Enter PUB HTML5. PUB HTML5 is a new software that provides all the tools needed to create high quality EBooks on multiple platforms. The best part is perhaps that it is greener and helps the environment more than the traditional book. This software makes EBooks with attractive page flipping effects from normal computer documents and now anyone may log onto their site to give it a try.

The example page will help everyone choose the best software that suits their needs. All examples are designed by PUB HTML5. With the classical demo provided on the page, interested individuals can have a look at any example they like before making a decision to purchase the software offered by the company. The example demo will also help the users understand what the flipbook software can do for them, allowing them to make a decision that they will not regret in the end. 

Another feature lending itself to creating user manuals is the ability to add links. Cramming too much detail into one place can make it tough for the reader. Users fortunately have the option to add hyperlinks to websites and more content. These can be to more detailed product pages or outside resources which may be useful to understanding a certain concept or product feature. Text editing also helps to properly format a user manual. The look and feel of the text is as important as the quality of the content in making it easy for a reader to understand.