Thursday, July 31, 2014

Powerful (Free) jQuery Free Flipping Book Publisher to Enrich Your Publications

PUB HTML5 Free Flipping Book Publisher is developed for conversion of PDF files to flipping books. It is upgraded to add a new feature recently. The software can generate audio narration now, and also a virtual assistant will help to speak the audio file in the right bottom corner of the book. This great feature makes the PUB HTML5 Flipping Book helpful for meeting, language learning, kids’ book and blind study. The text-to-speech engine, the one built in or an external on downloaded separately, can be used to play synchronized audio based on the written text. In the left panel, users can transform to “Assistant” tab and record and manage the audio files with ease.

The digital publishing company intends to constantly update the example page so customers will always be able to find a relevant and new example that can come close to what they are intending to create for their own book or e-magazine. These dynamic Flipping Book give readers the virtual experience of turning the page in a book or magazine just as if it was in their hands. While one might not think this kind of experience matters, users have said that it does matter and that they feel a book or magazine that was created using flip-page technology just seems more real to them. This small but significant enhancement of the reading experience can mean the difference between a sale and a non-sale and of making a real impact with a reader.

Other benefits to using the company’s online server include the easy management of e-books, which can be deleted, hidden, or shared with others. Flipbooks can also be shown in Bookcase automatically after they are uploaded; online book stores are especially accommodated by this function, as it now takes little time to publish an e-book online. Also, the Upload Online Server eliminates the requirement someone has to have a website to publish their work online. Users don’t have to have websites and are provided with space to store their e-books online.

The newest version of this software for Windows users also has a variety of other powerful flipbook settings including titles, logos, password enabling, search functions, language switches, and background images. The inclusion of these
 hi-tech features makes the finished products from PUB HTML5 even more professional than before.

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